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WHAT'S NEW: 2018

        Johnny Appleseed was my first historical character. How lovely that this gentle man living in a violent time could set the stage for my career. This winter I performed Johnny for perhaps the 1,300th time, and it was just as much fun as the first.

Hank as Christopher Columbus, Ford, Johnny Appleseed, & pizarro.     W.C. Fields was my final creation. This comic genius taught me much about the nature of comedy, why some jokes bomb and others have the audience rolling in the aisles. That’s another perk of this job: I keep learning.

     I have several school and video conferencing performances this spring throughout Ohio, Indiana, and Virginia, featuring Columbus, Edison, Appleseed and Pizarro.

    There is still room for you and your venue. Or, as Edison might say, “I’ll keep a light out for you.”

    The Tandana Foundation has once again asked me to return to Otavalo Ecuador to be Artist-in-Residence for their summer school. Last year, we wrote and performed a 20 minute play in Spanish that was then translated into Kichwa, language of the pre-Incas. We will do something like it again. If you come see the students perform, I will show you breathtaking mountains and a people as kind as any on earth.

    Last summer while working in Ecuador, I wrote a one-woman play about the revolutionary MANUELA SAENZ. Want to know more? Ask!

     Another life lesson thanks to theatre: fame is as much a product of luck as talent. That is why I will always treat your venue like it is the prelude to my performance at Carnegie Hall.

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