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        I’m still performing, but I’ve had to adapt. At this point, no one is booking in-person live Theatre. So, I do virtual presentations. To keep it exciting, I perform an excerpt from each play, discuss the
research, and answer your questions. It’s a performance, a workshop, and an adaptation to your unique

Hank as Christopher Columbus, Ford, Johnny Appleseed, & pizarro.     GOOD NEWS FOR YOU: It’s cheaper. Since I usually work through CILC, I have to give them a
block-booking discount. Now I am offering that same discount to you. And there’s another discount if
you book a second presentation the same day. Call it the family discount. That means it’s your turn to
do the dishes.

    CILC is a virtual learning network. I have received 8 of their national Pinnacle Awards. The judges
are customers from the previous year, 7 questions that must result in at least a 95% OUTSTANDING
evaluation. My mother never endorsed me with such a score.

    LET’S TALK NITTY-GRITTY: I can perform in English and Spanish. For years, school, colleges,
and libraries have said they want programs that appeal to their Latinx students. So, why didn’t they
call me? Either they found me too expensive or too white. This past July I taught Theatre in Spanish
in Ecuador for the fifth year in a row. Am I a native speaker? No, but my Spanish is good enough to
tell bad jokes and get the job done. I inspire. In addition, I lived in Peru and Costa Rica for 6 years.

    LET’S TALK DIRTY: All my characters are controversial. That’s why I chose them. I wanted to have
meaty discussions about things that matter. I will not be preaching simple answers, but I will help you better understand complex questions. For example, if you think Christopher Columbus and Francisco Pizarro are horrific men, then you are simplifying the past the same way White America used to do. If you want complex history, book me. If you want comfortable history with easy to identify good guys and bad, please don’t. Don’t you want to know the “whys” behind their behavior so you don’t replicate their footsteps? Hey, CC is not your lazy brother-in-law! You can also see here that I refuse to let humor with all its destructive powers creep into my program.

    WHAT HASN’T CHANGED. My research is excellent. All my scripts have been fact-checked by
college professors, not college students. I will present the most accurate history I can (and disregard
faddish history when possible), which provides soulful insight about the past and hope for the future. I
encourage thought-provoking questions and will try to avoid only demonizing and stereotyping.

   DON’T BELIEVE ME: Ask a tough question. Give me your best shot.

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