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WHAT'S NEW: 2018

      I see a change in how bookings are made. The bigger venues still book a performance as much as a year and a half away, but the smaller venues like libraries and schools wait, sometimes calling only a month before show time. I think it has to do with shrinking budgets, competition with other local events, and shifting needs. In other words, if you want to know if I will be in your area soon, better to just ask.

      JANUARY: On the 23rd, Thomas Edison will visit Grand Oaks of Palm City in FL at 2:00 PM.
On the 28th, Johnny Appleseed will entertain folks at the Elizabeth Lahti Library in Indiantown, FL at 10:30. This is the family-friendly version so come one, come all.

      FEBRARY: On Feb 1, I will be Johnny Appleseed at a Road Scholar event at Pokagon Park in
northern Indiana at 7:00 PM. On Feb 17, 18, I will be at TechFest in Dayton Ohio (Sinclair College) as both Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. My program will be throughout the day, and the whole event is fabulous. On Feb 28, I will be Francisco Pizarro at Ivy Tech in Indianapolis at 2:30 PM.

     There are other school performances in Ohio and Indiana, so ask for details.

     MARCH, APRIL, MAY, JUNE: So far, I have many school programs throughout Ohio,
Indiana, and Virginia, featuring Columbus, Edison, and Appleseed. Again, ask for details.

    JULY: The Tandana Foundation has asked me to return to Otavalo Ecuador to be Artist-in-
Residence for their summer school. Last year, we wrote and performed a 20 minute play in Spanish that was then translated into Kichwa, language of the pre-Incas. If you come see me perform, I will show you breathtaking mountains and a people as kind as any on earth.

    Last summer while working in Ecuador, I wrote a one-woman play about the revolutionary MANUELA SAENZ. Want to know more? Ask!


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