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      Hank has written a book, and many essays on history, education, and politics. Hank also has a CD called Edison's Greatest Hits: a collection of Edison's best cylinder recordings. If you are interested in purchasing a book or CD or simply reading his essays, contact Hank. He is always glad to share.


   Three Midwest History Plays and Then Some (published 1997): This collection of children’s plays (fourth grade on up) can be ordered by contacting Hank. Now in its second printing, these plays have been produced all over the country. The most popular is called One Good Turn, in which The Wolf discovers the book Little Red Riding Hood under a signpost, learns he is going to be shot, and then rearranges all the signs to send the right characters to all the wrong stories.

   Visions of America
(essay): In the summer of 2004, Hank and his Peruvian nephew traveled deep into the Andes to explore the ruins of the Chachapolla civilization. The two shared many insights about the past and the present, the USA and Peru—one seeing the world from a young adult perspective, the other from middle age. For a small fee, Hank will invite you to travel along on this 31 page adventure. Contact Hank through snail mail or email.

   Rescuing the Past: In 1792, ten-year-old Oliver Spencer was kidnapped by the Shawnee and taken to live in northwest Ohio. As an old man, he wrote a book about his experiences. The city of Defiance commissioned Hank to write an original play based on the book. It premiered in August of 2007.


   Hank has a CD called Edison's Greatest Hits:

a collection of Edison's best cylinder recordings.

~HANK'S Essays on...HISTORY~

   Cutting To The Core (on Johnny Appleseed; published 2001 and reprinted 2003). What does a performer/playwright owe the real John Chapman when the audience would prefer the legendary Johnny Appleseed?

   Edison: Setting the Stage for 1900 America (published 2000, republished 2007) The greatest American inventor deserves our respect not just because of his successes but also because of his glorious failures.

   The End of the World (Francisco Pizarro; published 2006). What really happened when Pizarro met Atahualpa? The answer may depend more on you than them.

   HENRY FORD: Chauffeur into the Twentieth Century, or Just Another Bump on the Road (published 2004). How does one reconcile deeds that make it too easy to love or hate this car maker?

   J.G. Bruff: No One in Particular; Everyman For All Times (published 2003) You may not have heard of this California Forty-Niner but he is still worthy of your attention.

   Will the Real Columbus Please Stand Up? (published 2005): How do you decide which facts to believe: the ones that make Columbus appear a great humanitarian or the ones that make him one of the world’s great villains.

   One Bad Deed Deserves Another (published 2005): A satirical history of the death penalty, with emphasis on Thomas Edison and Westinghouse.

   Review of THE PEOPLE’S TYCOON (published 2005): Hank compares his difficult job and the author’s difficult job of bringing Ford back to life.



   Saving a Few; Losing the Whole (published three times in 2005) Why No Child Left Behind is failing.

   TheArts: Scourge of Education? (published twice in 2006) Arts agencies all over the country have stopped teaching art for art's sake in order to
help schools with their new requirements for testing.

   Improper Remarks in the Classroom: A Study in Pedagogy and History (pending publication, co-authored with Prof. Greg Larkin) In the name of tolerance, many schools have become intolerant of the past.

   Down and Out in Indiana (unpublished): Political correctness is not limited to any one political cause. Hank shares his most horrendous experiences.


~HANK'S Essays on...POLITICS~

   World View, er, Third World View (published 2004): Our national image from the man on the street in South America.

   If Only the Terrorists Would Tell the Truth (2004): Just before the last presidential election, two friends debate which candidate is most favored by the terrorists.

   Stopping the Terrorists: One Man’s Sleepless Struggle (2005): Could it be that the next terrorist attack will be as simple as a sleeping pill.

   Just Tell It Like It Is (published 2005): The controversy rages: Evolution versus Intelligent Design. Hank satirically proves both groups are narrow-minded.

   Getting Back Into the Spirit (published 2006): With tongue firmly in cheek, Hank proves there is is a positive way of seeing even the worst news.

   Spy On (published 2006): A satirical view of why government spying is good for all of us.

   Separating the Wheat from the Shaft (published 2006): It may be that the immigration is
sue needs to be seen from multiple perspectives.


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